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white tea shot
 white tea shot

This White Tea Shot Recipe will surely delight you.

Packed full of peach schnapps and sweet and sour mix, the classic White Tea Shot can also include variations to bring even greater enjoyment.

Fun drink recipes such as the White Tea Shot are our specialty.

For even more delectable shot recipes, why not try Mexican Candy Shots:

watermelons-flavor shots made with spicy hot sauce; or Water Moccasin Shots featuring peach Schnapps?

White tea shot is presented as an individual shot glass with a lime wedge at one side and lemon and lime halves in the background.

White Tea shot vodka

Today I am sharing one of my all-time favorite basic white tea shots. This basic recipe makes my top pick among white tea shots by boasting peach and fizz flavors and an effortless preparation process.

White Tea Shot vodka
 White Tea Shot vodka

White Tea Shots
These White Tea Shots are an entertaining party staple! Not only can you enjoy them as shots, but you can also transform them into seepable beverages or make an entire pitcherfull for large gatherings.

Experimenting with different recipes that taste good can be exciting and educational; therefore, I wanted to include several variations on what I consider the original white tea recipe.

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Grab some shot glasses, and let’s get this party underway.

What is a whitre tea shot ?

A white tea shot is an alcoholic drink with delightfully tasty flavors. Particularly popular among female drinkers due to its lower calorie count and pleasing flavor, it has quickly become a go-to drink at bars and college parties alike.

White tea shot recipe 

Before we dive into creating delicious white tea shots, let’s first explore what white tea is and why its popularity among tea enthusiasts.

White tea, produced from the Camellia sinensis plant, is renowned for its delicate flavor profile, subdued sweetness and numerous health benefits. Unlike other varieties, white tea uses young leaves and buds that undergo minimal oxidation during processing – helping preserve natural antioxidants as well as subtle flavors in this elegant beverage.

how to make white tea shots

Ingredients Needed to Craft the Ideal White Tea Shot
In order to craft the ideal white tea shot, you will require these components:

Step 1: Preparing Tea white tea shots

To begin brewing high-quality white tea leaves, bring 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of filtered water (without filter) (including optional vodka and honey), 1 teaspoon honey and an ounce or so of vodka) along with an optional teaspoon of honey to boil in a kettle or pot before pouring the leaves onto it for steeping.

Step 2: Steeping The Tea

Once the water reaches a rolling boil, take care to let it cool off for at least 1 or 2 minutes before placing back into your pot.
Add white tea leaves to an infuser or teapot and pour boiling water over them, allowing it to steep for 2-3 minutes based on your variety. Please refer to packaging instructions for guidance if this timeframe changes.
Once steeping is complete, remove and strain the tea leaves to separate liquid from leaves.

Step 3: Enhancing Flavor
While your white tea is still warm, add one teaspoon of honey to enhance its natural sweetness by stirring well to dissolve completely into your beverage.
Add one ounce of vodka for an alcoholic twist by gently mixing. The vodka adds subtle but appealing hints that complement the delicate flavours of white tea, giving this shot its unique feel.

Step 4: Chilling and Serving
Fill a shaker or cocktail glass with ice cubes before placing your tea inside to chill before chilling and serving it to guests.
Pour the chilled white tea mixture into the shaker or glass and give it a good shaking to create a foamy texture. Once chilled, strain into shot glasses or small serving glasses for serving.
As an extra touch of freshness, consider garnishing your meal with mint leaves or lemon slices for an added splash of zesty aroma.

White tea served with two slices of lime.
White Tea Benefits
Aside from its tasty taste, white tea offers many health advantages that make it an excellent beverage choice. Here are just a few reasons why it can be considered a healthy beverage:

White tea contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals in the body and lower stress, providing many health benefits including anti-aging effects.

2. Strengthens Immune System
White tea contains natural compounds which can strengthen one’s immunity, making them more resistant to common illnesses and infections.

3. Aids Weight Management
White tea may assist in weight management by speeding metabolism and encouraging fat oxidation, making it an invaluable addition to a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

4. Promoting Heart Health
White tea consumption has been associated with reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases due to its anti-inflammatory and cholesterol reducing properties that contribute to overall heart wellness.

What Do White Tea Shots Taste Like?

White Tea Shots offer a subtle sweetness with sweet peach notes from peach schnapps, balanced by a tart lemon-lime soda base for balance. Enjoy this Sweet and Sour Blend

white tea shot
   white tea shot

This picture depicts two shot glasses filled with white tea shots and lime wedges, a green striped towel, a lemon half, and a lime half.

What Components Make a White Tea Shot?

A classic white tea shot recipe calls for vodka and peach schnapps as base spirits, a sweet-and-sour mix for lime flavoring, and fizzing lemon-lime soda to give the shot fizziness.

No. The white tea shot I have made here does not contain any tea as an ingredient; instead, it serves as an empty vessel (so technically doesn’t count as a white tea shot!). There are, however, other recipes that do include it as an ingredient; below, I have provided links to such drinks or cocktails which include it.

Why Is A White Tea Shot Called A White Tea Shot When No Actual Green Tea Is Present?

Let’s go back a step: Jameson first coined their Green Tea Shot due to its green tint; its sweet-and-sour mix created its green tint, giving an illusion of drinking actual green tea even though there wasn’t any actual real green tea present!

White tea shots are simply variations of green tea shots; both include “tea” in their names.

Does Your Drink Need A Shaker?

This drink recipe requires some shaker – but not necessarily an actual cocktail shaker. I recently started using one myself but previously relied on Mason jars with screw-on lids or anything similar instead.

Consider my Baby Yoda Cocktail made using only essential tools – a wooden spoon and Yeti tumbler with a lid (I even covered its hole with a paper towel!).

No fancy equipment is necessary.

White Tea Shot and Green Tea Shot from Slavic-Mexican Cuisine Infusion White and green tea shots are almost indistinguishable, sharing similar ingredients and methods of preparation. A classic green tea shot recipe often calls for Jameson Irish Whiskey instead of vodka as its star ingredient; hence why some refer to this shot as the Jameson green tea shot; all other elements remain the same.

white tea shots
 white tea shots

Water Moccasin Shot: A Lively Combination of Flavors and Spirits

The Water Moccasin Shot is an exciting and active beverage that mixes a satisfying medley of flavors with a touch of lively electricity. This invigorating shot is crafted to evoke the senses and create a memorable ingesting experience. Let’s explore the components, coaching, and the enjoyment of the Water Moccasin Shot.

The Water Moccasin Shot generally includes a combination of peach schnapps, Crown Royal whiskey, and candy and bitter mix. This particular blend creates a tantalizing harmony of flavors, where the wonder of peach schnapps mingles with the rich character of Crown Royal whiskey, all stronger through the tangy notes of sweet and sour mix. The end result is a shot that provides a great balance of sweetness and complexity.

It is really worth noting that the Water Moccasin Shot carries alcohol and need to be fed on responsibly and carefully. The alcohol content and flavors on this shot create a bold and spirited sensation, making it a famous choice among the ones looking for a lively and flavorful ingesting revel in.


To create an appropriate Water Moccasin Shot, you may need the subsequent brilliant elements:

  • 1 ounces peach schnapps
  • 1 oz Crown Royal whiskey
  • 1 oz. Sour mix
  • 1 ounces lime juice
  • Ice cubes for shaking and serving


  1. Prepare the Shaker: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes to make certain your drink is perfectly chilled.
  2. Add the Peach Schnapps: Pour 1 ozof peach schnapps into the shaker. This candy and fruity liqueur forms the muse of the Water Moccasin Shot.
  3. Introduce the Crown Royal Whiskey: Follow up with 1  of Crown Royal whiskey. Its smooth and strong flavors complement the peach schnapps, developing a harmonious combo.
  4. Pour in the Sour Mix: Add 1 of sour mix to the shaker. The tangy and citrusy notes of the sour blend stability out the sweetness of the peach schnapps, ensuing in a nicely-rounded taste profile.
  5. Squeeze the Lime: Extract the juice from a clean lime and add 1 ounces of lime juice to the shaker. The lime juice provides a zesty and fresh detail to the cocktail.
  6. Shake Vigorously: Securely fasten the lid of the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for approximately 15 seconds. This motion helps to very well blend the elements, making sure a regular taste in each shot.
  7. Prepare the Shot Glasses: Fill your shot glasses with ice cubes to chill them before pouring in the cocktail. This step guarantees your Water Moccasin Shots are served at the best temperature.
  8. Strain and Serve: Remove the ice cubes from the shot glasses and pressure the cocktail into each glass. The colourful colorations and engaging aromas of the Water Moccasin Shot will captivate your senses.
  9. Garnish (Optional): For an additional touch of visible enchantment, you can garnish every shot with a slice of lime or a peach wedge.
  10. Enjoy Responsibly: It’s time to relish the fruit of your exertions. Raise your Water Moccasin Shot, toast to right times, and experience responsibly with pals or cherished ones.

The Water Moccasin Shot: A Sensational Blend

The Water Moccasin Shot is a testament to the artistry of mixology. This cocktail combines the sweetness of peach schnapps, the richness of Crown Royal whiskey, the tang of sour blend, and the freshness of lime juice, ensuing in a taste profile this is each balanced and invigorating.

With every sip, you may experience the initial burst of fruity sweetness from the peach schnapps, accompanied via the easy warmth of the Crown Royal whiskey. The tangy notes from the sour blend and lime juice intertwine harmoniously, offering a fresh end that leaves you yearning for more.

water moccasin shot recipe


  • half ounce peach schnapps
  • 1/2 ounce Crown Royal whiskey
  • half ounce candy and bitter mix


  1. Fill a mixing glass or shaker with ice.
  2. Add 1/2 ounce of peach schnapps to the glass.
  3. Pour half of ounce of Crown Royal whiskey into the glass.
  4. Add half ounce of candy and sour blend to the glass.
  5. Shake or stir the mixture vigorously to ensure it’s miles properly-mixed and chilled.
  6. Strain the aggregate right into a shot glass.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Remember to drink responsibly and moderately. Cheers!

Water Moccasin Shot vs Green Tea Shot: Contrasting Flavors and Experiences

Water Moccasin Shot and Green Tea Shot provide wonderful and contrasting taste profiles and ingesting experiences. Let’s discover the differences between these photographs that will help you understand their precise traits.

The Water Moccasin Shot is a lively and spirited beverage that mixes peach schnapps, Crown Royal whiskey, and candy and bitter mix. This shot delivers a formidable and colourful flavor profile, with the wonder of peach schnapps mixing harmoniously with the wealthy person of Crown Royal whiskey. The addition of candy and sour blend provides a tangy detail, creating a active and exhilarating ingesting experience. The Water Moccasin Shot is known for its energetic and flavorful nature, making it a famous choice for those searching for a active and lively shot.

On the opposite hand, the Green Tea Shot gives a contrasting revel in with its light and fresh flavors. This shot usually consists of same elements Jameson Irish whiskey and peach schnapps, with a touch of sour blend. Despite its call, the Green Tea Shot does no longer include real inexperienced tea however alternatively mimics its taste profile. The mixture of Jameson Irish whiskey and peach schnapps creates a subtly sweet and clean flavor, while the splash of sour mix adds a refreshing twist. The Green Tea Shot is regularly described as mellow and easy to drink, making it a famous preference for folks that opt for a more comfortable and balanced shot revel in.

In precis, the Water Moccasin Shot is understood for its energetic and ambitious flavor combination, incorporating peach schnapps, Crown Royal whiskey, and sweet and sour mix. It gives a colourful and active drinking experience. On the other hand, the Green Tea Shot affords a lighter and greater fresh taste, proposing Jameson Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, and a dash of sour blend. It offers a mellow and balanced shot experience.


This white tea shot recipe calls for equal parts vodka, schnapps, and sour mix as its primary components.

Here is what is needed.
Vodka: Select your favorite brand – we love Tito’s homemade vodka as it isn’t sponsored! – but keep this shooter affordable by not using too costly an option; sipping requires different flavors than shooting! We do not advise using flavored vodka, as you want to taste all its distinctive qualities in each drink.
Peach Schnapps is perfect for adding sweetness and fruity notes, while Sweet and Sour Mix (available ready-made or homemade) can also work perfectly well. Lemon Lime Soda may also work great; Squirt citrus soda works just as well.

A cocktail shaker, bar strainer, Jigger, and shot glasses.
How to Prepare a White Tea Shot with Vodka Below is the primary method for crafting this shot; total preparation time should take less than 5 minutes.

Please see the recipe card at the end of this blog post for complete instructions.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice cubes, add vodka, peach schnapps, and sweet and sour nectar, shake vigorously for 10-20 seconds, then strain into shot glasses until 3/4 full and finish your mix off with lemon-lime soda to complete it!

How to Convert It Into a White Tea Drink

A classic white tea shot can quickly become an irresistibly refreshing cocktail recipe you can sip instead of down, perfect for summer!

Use doubled ingredients.

Combine vodka, peach schnapps, and sweet and sour mix in a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes; give a good shake for 10-20 seconds until all components have been well mixed; strain into an ice-filled cocktail glass 3/4 of the way complete and fill remaining space with soda water.

How to Create Homemade Sweet and Sour Mix

Store-bought sweet and sour drink mix is excellent, which I often rely on when mixing cocktails. But, if you want to create your homemade version instead, here’s an effective method: microwave lemons and limes for about 10 seconds each before rolling them on your counter for additional juice extraction.

This recipe for sweet-and-sour mix yields approximately one-quarter cup.

One cup of cold water combined with 1.5 cups of granulated sugar will yield 1 quart of fresh lime juice from four limes and 1.5 cups of fresh lemon juice from approximately two lemons, creating 1 quart of fresh lime juice and 1.5 cups of lemon juice, respectively.
Add water and sugar in a medium pot until all the sugar has completely dissolved, then gradually stir in fresh lemon and lime juice until cool before using any recipe. It should last approximately one week in your fridge before being used again! Here is also a selection of white tea shot recipes!
White Tea Shot with Rum | recipe (two servings)While most white tea shots don’t include tea, this one does! White tea bags or loose-leaf should work equally well; I wouldn’t advise using black tea, though, as that would result in two separate servings!

My recipe will yield two such servings.

This refreshing cocktail drink combines 1.25 ounces of white rum (blanco rum), 1.25 ounces of room-temperature-brewed white tea, 1/2 ounce of fresh lime juice, and 1/2 ounce of simple syrup. To serve, place it in an iced cocktail shaker.
Add all ingredients into a shaker, including the rum, chilled tea bags, or loose tea for this recipe; stir for 10-20 seconds until everything has mixed evenly before straining into two 1.5-ounce shot glasses and garnishing them with lime peels as garnish. This dish’s preferred white tea types are white peony or silver needle varieties.

The above image shows two shot glasses filled with white tea shots, lime wedges sitting atop green-striped towels, two lemon halves, lime halves, and four lemon halves and lime halves.

classic Lemon White Tea Shot tequila

Here’s another variation on the classic Lemon White Tea Shot using tequila instead of vodka – though for optimal results, I suggest switching out for blanco rather than gold tequila if possible – making two shots in total! This recipe makes 2 shots.

Add 1 oz white tequila (Blanco tequila), 1 oz peach schnapps, 1/2oz lemon juice, and 1/2oz simple syrup into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake to combine and garnish as desired.
Bring to a simmer in a separate vessel before mixing 1 oz each of tequila, schnapps, juice, and syrup in a shaker; shake for 10-20 seconds before pouring into two 1.5-ounce shot glasses adorned with lemon wedges before serving!

White Tea Shot tequila
White Tea Shot tequila

See Recipe Tips & Variations below for tips for improved results.
DIY Sweet and Sour Drink.

Rather than purchasing your sweet and sour mix, I advise making your own with these instructions.

Honey-lime syrup or fruit syrups could also be substituted as sweeteners to enhance sweetness, adding additional lemon-lime soda if necessary to increase sweetness!
Check out different white tea shot recipes as well!
White Tea (Camellia Sinensis) leaves and buds are harvested each spring in Fujian Province in China – this region defines “White Tea.”

Bai Mu Dan (White Peony), Yin Zhen Bai Hao (Silver Needle), Shou Mei (Noble, Long Life Eyebrow), Gongmei (Tribute Eyebrow), and Fujian New Craft DaBaiCha or DaHoaCha are the five varieties of white tea leaves; of these varieties, White Peony or Silver Needle stands out as being of superior quality.


Congratulations! Now you have all of the knowledge and recipe to craft an exquisite white tea shot. Ensure you use high-grade white tea leaves, add vodka if desired, and appreciate all that white tea has to offer in terms of flavors and health benefits. It will surely impress guests and leave them wanting more; so gather your ingredients, follow these steps, and experience this delightful beverage for yourself – toast to success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are white tea shots like alcohol shots?

While this shot recipe provides some of the same sensations, thanks to peach schnapps, soda water, and sour mix, its flavors don’t tend to overwhelm other flavors.

Does White Tea Shot Represent Good Health?

As this shot contains alcohol, I don’t consider it exceptionally nutritious; however, those containing white tea may provide additional health benefits over those without. White tea has been associated with weight loss by breaking down fat cells and increasing metabolism – providing around 130 Calories in each shot!

Are White Tea Shots Expensive?

If you are wondering about the costs of white tea shots at bars, they typically start around $10, depending on where they’re available.

How much alcohol is in a white tea shot?

A typical white tea shot contains two shots of liquor plus a sweet-and-sour mix containing some alcohol; vodka usually ranges between 40%-50% (80 proof to 100 proof) alcohol content, while peach schnapps contains 15% (30 proof).

Does White Tea Shot Contain Caffeine?

My version of a white tea shot does not contain caffeine; however, using any tea recipe may contain it.

How Can You Refrigerate White Tea Shot?

If there is any leftover beverage, storing it in an airtight container in the fridge would be best.

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