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How Many Calories Are Found in Twisted Tea (Original Hard Iced Tea (5% Alc.)

Twisted Tea is a highly acclaimed hard iced tea beverage known for its refreshing flavor and unique combination of ingredients. However, it is important to be mindful of its caloric intake; one 12-oz serving of Twisted Tea Original Hard Iced Tea contains 200 calories – equivalent to 8 percent of your daily recommended intake on a 2000-calorie diet plan. Furthermore, due to containing 5 percent alcohol by volume Twisted Tea contains more calories than many non-alcoholic beverages.

Twisted Tea’s calories come from a mix of carbohydrates, alcohol and trace amounts of fat and protein; with alcohol comprising most of its calorie count. A 12-oz serving contains 21g of carbohydrates for 84% of its total calorie content while 15% comes from alcohol at 5% volume (10g total); any trace amounts of fat and protein make up just 1%.

When monitoring your caloric intake, it is essential that you are aware of the calorie content in Twisted Tea. Keep in mind that Twisted ice Tea contains more calories than most non-alcoholic beverages and the majority of those calories come from alcohol and carbohydrates.

twisted tea calories
twisted tea calories

194 Calories

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Teas make an excellent and refreshing beverage choice, providing light refreshment on any special occasion. At only 194 Calories per 12-Ounce Serving, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Teas offer lower caloric intake than many alcoholic beverages and thus make for a healthier alternative; one 12-ounce Serving contains only about as many Calories as One Banana or One Cup of Plain Yogurt.

Twisted Hard Iced Teas are created from an all-natural combination of tea and natural flavors for an exceptional, refreshing flavor that won’t impact your calorie count too much. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this irresistibly indulgent treat without worry over having too many calories.

Twisted Hard Iced Teas offer an enjoyable beverage option without breaking your diet! At 194 calories for one 12-ounce serving, it allows for indulgence without feeling guilty or weight gain. So drink up and stay on track with your health goals today with Twisted Tea Hard Iced Teas.

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts.

Twisted Tea offers the ideal blend of refreshing sweetness and flavor in one delectable beverage, available in multiple flavors to meet everyone’s taste – whether they seek lower calorie options or want higher alcohol content.

Twisted hard Tea Original contains 140 calories and 5% alcohol by volume, while Twisted Tea Harder Original contains 220 calories and 8% alcohol by volume. If you prefer lower calorie options, Twisted Tea Light contains 90 calories with 2.5% alcohol by volume while Twisted Tea Half & Half contains 170 with 5.0%. Those looking for something lemonade-themed may prefer Twisted hard Tea Harder Lemon which has 240 calories with 8.2%.

No matter which variety of Twisted ice Tea you select, you can rest easy knowing it contains zero grams of fat, zero milligrams of cholesterol, zero milligrams of sodium, 36 grams of carbohydrates with 0 dietary fiber grams and 33 sugar grams – making it a delicious beverage option! So next time you need an indulgent drink to satisfy any taste bud! Twisted hard Tea offers something deliciously different.

twisted tea
ย  ย  ย twisted tea

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts (12 Oz).

Twisted Tea is a refreshing, low-cal beverage that offers an ideal alternative to many sugary beverages currently on the market. A 12-oz can of Twisted Tea contains 150 calories with zero grams of fat, zero cholesterol, 40mg sodium and 37g total carbs including no dietary fiber and 34g sugar plus zero protein per can – providing you with 4 percent of your daily recommended Vitamin C consumption! Plus it’s gluten, artificial color and flavor free too.

Twisted hard Tea is an ideal refreshing beverage with minimal calories that you can enjoy any time of the year, whether as a standalone cold beverage or combined with your favorite spirit for mixing purposes. No matter your cravings or social schedule, Twisted ice Tea has you covered for light refreshment while staying on track with weight reduction.

Calorie Burn Time

Twisted Tea is an ideal beverage choice for those seeking light beers with relatively few calories, each 12 oz can of which contains only 130. Burning off these calories from Twisted Tea cans is simple and takes only 20 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking 1.5 miles at an brisk pace or 10 minutes of running or swimming for an intense workout session. Burning them all off from six packs may require slightly more work: expect to walk about 9 miles (or run or swim for 1 hour in order to burn them all off completely).

Calorie Breakdown
Are you in search of an enjoyable alternative to sugary beverages with an interesting twist? Twisted Hard Iced Tea might just be what’s necessary. Each 12-oz. can contains 220 calories and comes in six different flavors, including Original, Light, Raspberry Peach Lemonade Mango & Lemon Hard Iced Tea flavors containing either 12g, 5g or 12g respectively of sugar (excluding Original which has 12g), Light Hard Iced Tea contains 5g in its Original formulation while Raspberry Peach Lemonade Mango and Lemon variants each contain 12g).

ย  ย  ย  ย  All are fat free with zero grams of fat per 12oz serving and sugar content per 12oz container while variations vary between Original Hard Iced Tea’s 12g sugar content depending on flavor: Original Hard Iced Tea has 12g while Light Hard Iced Tea contains 5g (original contains 12g), Original Hard Iced Tea with 5g in total per can).

twisted tea recipes
ย  twisted tea recipes

Recipes & Inspiration

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea is an invigorating alcoholic beverage with plenty of flavor without adding many extra calories to any meal or event. Just 110 Calories Per 12oz Can makes it the ideal accompaniment for any occasion, making it the ideal way to refresh during hot summer days or add spice to any favorite dish – we have plenty of delicious recipes and ideas available that can get your Twisted Tea adventure underway. From creative ways of enjoying Twisted hard Tea on its own to quick and easy pairing tips you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration here to get you going on culinary journey of discovery.

Twisted hard Tea offers nutritional information about their Hard Iced Tea and other flavors of their beverages for those searching for nutritional details on these beverages, from classic Hard Iced Tea to the new Pomegranate Lemonade, so there’s something to suit every palate and preference. Plus, its low calorie count and lack of preservatives makes drinking this type of beverage a healthy decision.

Twisted ice Tea provides plenty of advice for making the most out of their experience with them, from pairing tips and tricks to keeping abreast of upcoming promotions and news – plus easy access.

Twisted Tea Carbs

Twisted Tea Carbs Looking for a refreshing alcoholic beverage without breaking your calorie budget? Twisted Tea might just be your ideal pick. One 12-ounce can contains 150 calories with 35 grams of carbs – this makes it relatively high-carb beverage as carbs comprise nearly 40% of its total calorie count; in comparison with other alcoholic beverages it contains fewer than beer or wine but more than hard liquor; its carb content comes from high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar being combined as sweeteners in its production process.

If you’re trying to limit carbs, choosing light beer or hard liquor with no more than 10 carbs could be the better option. But for something with flavor but few calories, Twisted Iced Tea could be an ideal choice.

Twisted Tea Half and Half Nutrition Facts.

Twisted Tea Half and Half is an invigorating alcoholic beverage containing 150 calories in every 12 oz can, perfect for quenching thirst on-the-go.ย  A great blend of real brewed tea and natural lemonade flavor, it contains no fat, carbohydrates or proteins per serving despite boasting 10.5% alcohol by volume; alternatively it also boasts 10 milligrams sodium per serving and 39 grams of sugar, not to mention gluten-free status and zero Vitamin C or Iron. Let yourself enjoy its delightful goodness on-demand! Enjoy every moment with Twisted Iced Tea Half and Half’s delicious blend of real brewed tea and natural lemonade flavors today.

Twisted Tea Sugar Content 12 Oz.

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea is an exhilarating and satisfying beverage suitable for anyone, perfect for refreshing summer afternoons. Containing 8 grams of sugar – about two teaspoons worth – from tea leaves and natural fruit flavors, it provides 25% of daily recommended intake – about the equivalent of an entire can of most other flavored hard iced tea varieties.

Twisted Iced Tea offers an economical, healthy solution with 140 calories per 12 Oz can. With its reduced sugar content, Twisted Tea may also help those attempting to maintain daily sugar limits.

Twisted Iced Tea is the ideal refreshing and healthy beverage, offering low sugar and calorie counts to meet any diet. Plus, its delicious flavors make this an irresistible drink at any gathering or party.

twisted tea carbs
ย twisted tea carbs


Twisted Tea offers a selection of delectable beverages with differing calorie and carb counts, enabling customers to make informed decisions that suit their dietary preferences and goals. By understanding their nutrition facts, customers can make more informed choices that align with their dietary goals and needs. Twisted Tea offers a refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, offering lower calorie and carb options.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย No matter if you’re counting calories or monitoring carbohydrate consumption or simply looking for tasty recipes to incorporate Twisted iced Tea into your culinary experiences. Enjoy its flavorful goodness while staying mindful of your nutritional requirements while discovering exciting recipe ideas to elevate the drinking experience – we wish you a balanced and rewarding indulgence.

1. Does Twisted Tea Contain Calories? (FAQs)

Twisted Tea is an ideal beverage option for those seeking a refreshing beverage without incurring extra calories. A 12-ounce can of Twisted Tea contains 160 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of sugar; its alcohol content stands at 5% ABV which equals 12.5mL pure alcohol per can. With natural tea flavors sweetened with real cane sugar for light sweetness, Twisted hard Tea provides an affordable low-cal alternative to beer and wine beverages.

As with any drink, Twisted iced Tea’s calorie count rises with its size – for instance a 24-ounce can contains 320 calories and 25 grams of sugar! As an appealing, low-cal alternative to beer or cocktails, Twisted ice Tea offers refreshing sweetness without breaking your calorie budget. Guaranteed to bring joy at any party or gathering.

2. Does Twisted Tea Contain Sugar?

Twisted Tea is an immensely popular hard iced tea beverage, loved by many. Many consumers are curious whether or not Twisted Tea contains sugar; unfortunately, the answer is “yes”. The amount of sugar varies depending on which product it comes in; for instance, an original can of Twisted Tea contains 21 grams while an 8 gram can from its light version only contains 8 grams per 12-ounce can. Please also keep in mind that some of this sugar comes from natural sources like cane sugar or honey – making Twisted Tea all the sweeter.

Understanding how much sugar there is in Twisted iced Tea can be useful in making an informed decision regarding what drinks and calories you consume. For those seeking low-cal options, light version Twisted Tea hard offers great alternatives as it contains significantly fewer calories and sugar than its original version – although all varieties still contain some amount.

3. Is Twisted Tea Gluten-free?

Twisted Tea is a gluten-free alcoholic iced tea beverage made with real brewed tea and natural flavors for maximum refreshment without worrying about gluten or excessive sugar intake. One 12-oz can of Twisted Tea contains 160 calories, no fat and 11g of carbohydrates for delicious refreshment without breaking the budget.

Twisted Tea is an ideal beverage choice for those seeking to limit their sugar intake, thanks to natural flavors and cane sugar used in its production. Plus, with many delicious flavors available – you are sure to find one you like – whether you prefer light and refreshing beverages or stronger options, Twisted Hard Tea has you covered.

4. Can Twisted Tea fit into my low-carb diet?

Twisted Tea offers various varieties with differing carb contents; by reviewing its nutrition facts, you can find ones that fit with your plan and enjoy Twisted T as part of a well-balanced eating strategy.

5. Are There Any Twisted Tea Recipe Ideas?

ย Twisted Tea can add an exciting twist to many of your recipes. Experiment by including it into marinades, sauces or desserts for delicious results. Get creative and explore all the creative ideas available using Twisted Tea as part of your culinary adventures.

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