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Peace Hard Tea 🌿 a natural way of rejuvenate your mind and body 🍃✨

🍵 This soothing herbs and botanicals will help you unwind, relax, and find inner peace. 😌✨

💪 Boost your mental clarity and promote a sense of calmness with every sip. 🧠💆‍♀️

🍃 Experience the power of natural ingredients working harmoniously to bring you a refreshing  tea. 🌺🌱

✅ Say goodbye to stress and hello to tranquility with  Peace Hard Tea.  Your body and mind deserve this treat. 😊💚

Peace Hard Tea  Is an Emerging Hard Tea Brand

Hard Peace Tea, established in 2023, is a new hard tea brand created through collaboration between Peace Tea (a well-known fruit iced tea brand) and Molson Coors – two major brewing companies.

Peace Hard Tea  is a drink crafted with natural fruit extracts mixed with tea leaves combined with alcohol. Available flavors include More Peace More Lemon, Freedom of Peach.

Peace Hard T  is promoted as a healthy alternative to hard seltzers and beers, boasting that its teas contain lower calories and sugar while lacking artificial flavors or colors.

Peace Hard T  is now available in select markets in the US and plans to increase its distribution over time.

Hard Tea Has Many Health Benefits  –  Let Peace Tea Show You the Way

Peace Hard T  is made with natural fruit and tea extracts that have long been recognized for their health benefits, including antioxidants. Fruit is a source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while Tea boasts antioxidants that reduce inflammation, improve your heart health and boost the immune system.

Peace Hard Tea  offers lower calories and sugar content than hard seltzers and beers, providing an option that is healthier for people searching for low-cal alcoholic beverages.

Hard Peace T  is a refreshing and flavorful drink. Its flavors don’t overly sweeten, with just the right balance between fruity notes and tea notes, plus its alcohol content doesn’t overpower its flavors too much.

How to Enjoy Peace Hard Tea

Peace Hard T can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other beverages to create delicious cocktails, such as those found here. Some popular recipes for Peace Hard Tea cocktails include:

Peace Hard Tea Sangria :  For an aromatic beverage with citrus notes and plenty of tart cranberry and lime flavorings, combine Peace Hard T, orange, cranberry and lime juice in a pitcher, then stir. When ready, serve over ice with slices of fruit as a garnish.

Peace Hard Tea Mojito :  Combine Peace Hard T, lime juice, mint leaves and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake while shaking until well mixed before straining into an ice-filled glass garnished with a lime wedge for garnish.

Peace Hard Tea Spritzer :  Combine Peace Hard T, club soda and lime juice in an iced glass with plenty of ice cubes before topping with lime wedges for garnish. When looking for Peace Hard Tea, 

where can I buy it? Peace Hard T  is now available in select markets throughout the United States. You can find it at major retailers, including grocery stores, liquor stores and convenience stores.

Peace hard tea
    Peace hard tea relaxing

Peace Hard Tea :  A Relaxing Blend to Create Inner Harmony

Finding peace amid our hectic lifestyles can be challenging. Peace Hard Tea provides an easy and delicious way to bring calm back into our lives through its unique blend of soothing ingredients that promote inner harmony. Enjoy this blissful treat to reduce stress and restore equilibrium.

Peace Hard T  core philosophy lies in using only premium ingredients carefully selected from organic gardens where sustainable practices ensure environmental responsibility and ethical farming methods. 

Peace Hard T  stands out from other tea offerings by using natural herbs with known soothing properties, including chamomile and lavender, which combine harmoniously to produce an atmosphere of soothing relaxation. For centuries these herbs have been used to help promote tranquility, reduce stress levels and enhance sleep quality – with each sip, you’ll feel your tension dissolving away as the delicate aromas and flavors bring about blissful calm.

Peace Hard T  offers not only an enjoyable sensory experience but is also packed with health benefits.  Tea generally contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals and oxidative stress; its selection of herbs is believed to support digestion, reduce inflammation, and contribute to an immune-enhancing immune system – adding it to your daily routine can bring peace and vitality.

Benefit of Peace hard tea
Benefit of Peace hard tea

Boozy New Peace Hard Tea is Coming This September In 3 Fruity Flavors

Are You Excited for Peace Hard Tea to Arrive this September?

Peace Hard T,  the unique combination of premium black tea with natural fruit flavors such as Peach, Mango, and Lemon, is arriving this September with its own unique 5% ABV formula that provides light yet low-calorie drinks with an extra kick! Perfect for health-conscious adults seeking something with extra bite.

Peace Hard T  is perfect for special events, BBQs, or relaxing with friends. Thanks to its refreshing taste and lower ABV level, Peace Hard Tea makes a refreshing beverage choice this summer that will be around for a while – 12-packs and individual cans allow you to stock up and stay cool all season long.

Peace Hard T is the latest and trendiest drink this summer – enjoy this refreshing beverage with friends.  Boasting its unique blend of premium black tea, natural fruit flavors, 5% ABV alcohol content, and low-calorie count, it makes an excellent health-conscious adult beverage choice with just the right amount of extra kick! Treat yourself this season – pick up either 12-packs or individual cans of Peace Hard T today and drink happily all summer long.

Peace Tea Variety Pack, Tea & Lemonade, Razzleberry, Snowberry or Just Peachy Flavored Drinks

Are you in search of an indulgent yet delicious hard tea experience?

Peace Tea Variety Pack, Tea & Lemonade, Raspberry Snowberry, or Just Peachy Flavored Drinks will meet all your needs. These all-natural and lightly sweetened drinks feature tantalizing flavors like Razzal berry to Just Peachy that will tantalize your senses – each offering something new for every palette! You will feel that each hard tea was specially tailored for you.

Peace T Variety Pack offers the ideal way to relax and indulge in delectable complex tea, offering refreshing refreshments on hot summer days or just when you need an energy boost. Experience all of their different flavors until you find your ideal combination.

So relax and indulge in Peace Tea Variety Pack today – its natural ingredients and variety of flavors promise an experience you won’t soon forget.  Try to taste all that Peace Tea Variety Pack offers; let it tantalize your taste buds.

Peace Tea Just Peachy Tea

Peace Tea Just Peachy Tea offers an ideal light and refreshing beverage to enjoy during the hot summer days, perfect for sipping under the scorching sun. It was made with tea leaves and peach juice for an irresistibly flavorful sip that will quench thirst without overindulgence. Boasting an ABV level of only 5%, Peace Tea Just Peachy Tea should be enjoyed responsibly with moderation; plus, no added sugar or artificial flavors make it healthier than many hard teas on the market.

Peace Tea Just Peachy Tea is an ideal beverage for picnics, BBQs, and outdoor events, not only because of its refreshing flavor but also because it shows your support for peace and relaxation.

Are you enjoying a cold drink with friends or lounging under the sun ? 

Peace Tea Just Peachy Tea makes a delicious and refreshing complex tea beverage to share your peace support while simultaneously relaxing.  So grab a can and show it today while sipping an excellent beverage promoting it. 

Peace Tea Sno-berry Tea

Peace Tea Sno-berry Tea is the ideal beverage to refresh and sparkle at any special event, featuring natural strawberry and raspberry flavors and only 4.2% alcohol by volume for an enjoyable alcoholic beverage. Crafted with naturally brewed tea, Peace Tea Sno-berry Tea boasts crisp and refreshing tastes made even better by being gluten-free and non-GMO, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions or restrictions.

Peace Tea Sno-berry Tea comes packaged in colorful cans that make an eye-catching statement at any gathering or party, making it a crowd-pleaser and refreshing alternative to hard tea. So next time you need a refreshing and flavorful alcoholic drink, look no further than Peace Tea  Sno-berry Tea.

Peace Tea Caddy Shack Tea & Lemonade 23 Oz

Peace Tea Caddy Shack Tea & Lemonade 23 Oz is ideal for beating the summer heat. This hard tea combines the refreshing taste of naturally brewed tea with lemonade for an irresistibly refreshing blend of sweet and tart flavors, ideal for relaxing with friends on hot summer days.

Peace Tea Caddy Shack Tea & Lemonade 23 Oz is made with natural flavors and lightly sweetened with cane sugar to ensure it doesn’t become overly sweet while still tasting great.  Its recyclable cans are perfect for parties and events, while its non-alcoholic beverage content makes it suitable for everyday enjoyment and with only 100 calories per can compared to similar drinks, why wait when Peace Tea Caddy Shack Tea & Lemonade 23 Oz can bring peace into your day?  Grab one today and taste peace.

Peace Tea Razzle berry Tea 23 Oz

Peace Tea Razzleberry Tea 23 Oz :  Are you searching for an irresistibly refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary drinks? Peace Tea  Razzleberry   may be the solution! Made from real tea leaves mixed with natural  Razzleberry  and lemongrass flavors for an irresistibly tart sweetness, Peace  Razzleberry  contains low calories while providing an antioxidant-rich energy boost. It comes packaged in convenient 23 oz cans – ideal for sharing or sipping alone!

Peace  Razzleberry   Tea will delight with its unique flavor and refreshing taste, thanks to a mix of natural raspberry and lemongrass for an unforgettable blend that perfectly balances sweet with tart. Plus, its low-calorie count and abundant antioxidants ensure you can enjoy this beverage without compromising your health.

Peace Tea Green Sweet Iced Tea Drinks

Peace Tea Green Sweet Iced Tea Drinks will deliver an exquisite and relaxing tea experience. Crafted with all-natural ingredients for an authentic flavor experience and free from artificial colors or preservatives – Peace Tea Green Sweet Iced Tea Drinks make a delicious and healthy alternative. They are lightly sweetened with cane sugar, delivering subtly sweet yet smooth sweetness.

Peace Green Sweet Iced Tea Drinks are perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day or as an energy boost during the day. Furthermore, these refreshing beverages contain antioxidants for daily vitamin consumption – giving you an irresistibly refreshing tea experience that won’t disappoint.  Give Peace Green Sweet Iced Tea Drinks a try now, and you won’t be sorry.

Peace Tea

Peace Tea is a brand of hard tea crafted using all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavoring, offering you an option with fewer additives for maximum enjoyment. Enjoy a light yet refreshing flavor without all the additives.

Peace T comes in various flavors such as Peach, Raspberry, and Mango to meet any taste bud’s needs. Plus, its low calorie and sugar intake makes it an ideal option for maintaining a healthy diet – plus, there is the added convenience of being available in both cans and bottles so that you can bring it anywhere with you and drink whenever it strikes.

Peace T is an ideal beverage to quench thirst while remaining healthy, offering light flavor with natural ingredients for maximum refreshment. Try Peace Tea today, it will indeed become one of your go-to beverages when looking for healthier options than hard teas.

Peace Iced Tea

Peace Iced Tea is the ideal summertime companion, made with all-natural ingredients like real tea leaves and natural flavors, such as 4.2% ABV alcohol content. Enjoy its crisp yet slightly sweet taste for an enjoyable cold alcoholic beverage that doesn’t compromise gluten-free and artificial color or flavor restrictions. Plus, Peace Iced T doesn’t contain any artificial coloring or flavors.

Peace Iced Tea offers refreshing beverages in multiple flavors – classic lemon, raspberry, and peach are just a few! Perfect for outdoor activities, parties, and barbecues, you can indulge without guilt thanks to its low-calorie count! So if you want an enjoyable cold alcoholic beverage this summer – Peace Iced Tea could be just what’s needed.

Peace Hard Tea  offers the perfect indulgent treat without guilt: its delicate blend is free of artificial additives, preservatives and excess sugars, so you can savor every sip without endangering your health. Perfect as either hot or cold beverages, Peace Hard T is a refreshing alternative to sugary soft drinks or energy drinks; when choosing it, you prioritize well-being while still indulging in delicious beverages.

Peace Hard Tea  can help you on the journey toward inner tranquility, so take some time, brew a cup, and let its soothing flavors help lead the way toward a state of utter calm. Let Peace Hard Tea become your partner in finding solace and serenity with each sip you take.

Peace Hard T is a healthy and delicious alcoholic beverage option available from major retailers in select markets throughout the US.

Molson Coors Beverage Company will launch Peace Hard T(tm), an exciting new non-beer beverage, through their partnership with Coca-Cola Company.

Peace Hard T  was inspired by Peace T(r), an iced tea beverage owned by the Coca-Cola Company that is beloved by legal-age Gen Z consumers in the Southeast United States and known for its vibrant flavors and quirky branding.

Peace Hard Tea,  a non-carbonated, 5% alcohol-by-volume beverage set to hit shelves around Labor Day in the Southeast, will soon hit convenience stores as 24-ounce single cans in three flavors: More Peace More Lemon (lemon tea), Freedom of Peach (peach Tea) and Razzy (raspberry tea).

According to Amanda Devore, Molson Coors’ marketing director for innovation, Peace Hard Tea’s collection of bold, fruit-forward flavors creates an opportunity to attract more legal-aged drinkers into the hard tea category.

“Peace Hard Tea offers something truly different in the alcohol aisle,” according to Sheen. It offers delicious flavors and distinctive branding, creating something new and exciting.

“Hard tea sales continue to expand by double-digit percentages year over year, creating an immense market opportunity,” Devore notes. “People adore our brand; its edge draws in loyal supporters.

Twisted Tea remains the segment leader, but Peace Hard T entry into this expanding market shows the opportunity for growth within it. Complex Tea holds 26 shares of flavored alcohol beverage sales at convenience stores, according to Circana; Devore says both complex tea and FAB sales have seen exponential growth compared to last year in Southeast states such as Florida, citing data showing FAB volume has grown 300% yearly.

peace hard tea enjoy
peace hard tea enjoy


Peace Hard Tea is a new hard tea brand offering an alternative to traditional hard seltzers and beers with lower calories and sugar levels, providing an enjoyable yet healthful beverage option. The making processes of peace complex tea are natural fruit extracts from tea leaves and fruit trees, and its refreshing and flavorful beverage also promises an enjoyable drinking experience.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1. What is Peace Hard Tea?

ans. Peace Hard Tea is a complex tea brand that was launched in 2023. The brand is a collaboration between Peace Tea, a famous fruit-flavored iced tea brand, and Molson Coors, a major brewing company.

2. What are the flavors of Peace Hard Tea?

ans. Peace Hard T has three flavors: More Peace More Lemon, Freedom of Peach, and Razzy.

3. How much alcohol is in Peace Hard Tea?

ans. Peace Hard T has an alcohol content of 5% ABV.

4. How many calories are in Peace Hard Tea?

ans. The calorie count for Peace Hard T varies by flavor, but it is generally around 100 calories per 12-ounce serving.

5. Where can I buy Peace Hard Tea?

ans. Peace Hard T is currently available in select markets in the United States. You can find it at major retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, convenience store and liquor stores

6. Is Peace Hard Tea gluten-free?

ans. Yes, Peace Hard Tea is gluten-free.

7.  Is Peace Hard T safe to drink?

ans. Yes, Peace Hard Tea is safe to drink. It is made with all-natural ingredients and is subject to the same safety regulations as other alcoholic beverages.


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